Daily Archive: Monday, March 13, 2017

Singapore – A Tropical Paradise on Earth

Singapore is strategically located in the southern tip of Malaysian peninsula. Being on the International air map, it is well connected from all parts of the world. Hence tourists visiting other Far East Countries include tour package Singapore in their holiday lists. As it is located close to Equator, the weather is hot and humid

Love Spell by Webmasterspi

Voodoo is believed to have originated from the African continent. This actually means God Creator or Great Spirit. When we talk of it we often associate it with human sacrifices, vampires, dripping blood and devil worship. This is because its image has been greatly distorted and misused by a majority of people. All those that

Justice at last for crew abandoned in Algeria

The ITF (International Transport Workers’ Federation) is pleased to announce that the 17 crew members of the Sea Honest, who were abandoned unpaid and unprovisioned in Algeria in July 2016, have finally returned home. The last group of five Indian seafarers left the ship last week en route to Mumbai. Another eight seafarers were paid