Daily Archive: Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Clean energy, and its jobs, are the future

Enlightened economic policy doesn’t save dying industries. It saves the people who work in them. The first thing you do is to keep them afloat with health and other safety-net benefits. The second thing is to provide strong retraining programs leading to good jobs. When Henry Ford introduced the Model T in 1908, America had

Might Antidepressants Create Treatment Resistance?

RESEARCH UPDATE Ms. O comes to see you for depression. How many antidepressants has she had so far? The answer has a strong impact on her outcome in your care. As shown in the Figure, the more antidepressants Ms. O has received, the less likely she is to respond to them.1 Why? Consider 3 explanations:

Finding the Best Driving School Nottingham Solution

Most beginning drivers are extremely nervous when first learning how to drive a vehicle. It’s important to carefully listen to your instructor as they guide you through the procedure. In order to successfully pass a road test the student must be able to smoothly and with coordination have proper control of the vehicle. In some