Daily Archive: Saturday, June 10, 2017

Ten Killer Outfit Ideas For EDC Las Vegas 2017

Still searching for the perfect look for EDC Las Vegas? Have no fear – we’ve got you covered! It’s incredible how fast time moves when you’re looking forward to something. With the conclusion of Ultra and Coachella, the next mega-festival that ravers have to look forward to is EDC Las Vegas. Insomniac’s brainchild has been

Inspired by Michael Jackson’s “Heal the World”

“A Better World” music video is the lead single from Voxx’s forthcoming national album set to be released this summer. “There’s something very inspirational about being on the side of a cliff; this world is a beautiful place and we need to send out a distress call, a S.O.S. to make a change, make A

How Laurie Metcalf made it to her own show in the nick of time

Laurie Metcalf — who’s nominated for Best Actress in a Play at the Tonys — is so in demand these days, she barely made it to her own show on Thursday. The “A Doll’s House, Part 2” star appeared on “The Tonight Show,” but spies said, “Laurie was the last guest and they were running