Airbnb host waives cost for Jacksonville family that evacuated due to Irma

One family from Jacksonville, Florida is feeling “very grateful” to have a stranger’s shelter over their heads in New Albany, Indiana, after evacuating from the storm, despite driving more than 750 miles to get there.

Xeryus and Letroi Miller, along with their two children, two dogs and Xeryus Miller’s brother, were running out of options for a place to stay out of Irma’s path of destruction, until they came upon Brandon Thompson’s Airbnb listing much farther north than they ever imaged they’d have to travel.

“We were searching for days,” Letroi Miller, 28, told ABC News of the difficult time they had finding a place with room for them. “At first we were going to go to Atlanta because it’s not far from Jacksonville. We looked on Airbnb but we couldn’t find anything. Everything was gone and anything that was available, the prices were really, really high….

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