Comedy Central Adult Animated Sitcom Mocks Hipsters, CNN’s Don Lemon

Season Two of Comedy Central’s Legends of Chamberlain Heights kicked off its first episode titled “The G-Word” Sunday night. G stands for gentrification and the hood isn’t happy about it. Along the way, hipsters and the intrusion of CNN’s Don Lemon are solidly mocked.

The ghetto is being taken over by hipsters in search of a neighborhood to revitalize. As the organic juicery opens and urban rail appears, street names are changed – like a Malcolm Gladwell Blvd. – for a place to support artisanal cheese shops and vegan eateries. The local high school is renamed from Michael Clarke Duncan High School to Matt Damon Charter School.

Water polo takes the place of basketball. Working in a slap at President Reagan, when students express surprise that the school even had a swimming pool, the coach says it was a part of Reagan’s Sink or Swim Initiative and it just hadn’t been…

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