For swimming safety, avoiding water after a heavy rain is key

On the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, Doug Kearney dove into the Cove of Cork near his home to retrieve a $300 pair of glasses he had dropped from a boat.

Three days later, he visited an urgent care clinic with a pain in his right ear. He said he was diagnosed with a swimmer’s ear infection, which he attributes to poor water quality in the creek.

Operation Clearwater, Anne Arundel Community College’s recreational water testing program, tested the water two days before Kearney dived to recover the lost item. According to the group, the water was found to have an Enterococci bacteria count more than 100 times the standard for recreational water use set by the Environmental Protection Agency. Enterococci itself isn’t harmful, but its presence indicates the presence of fecal matter, as it is found in the digestive tracts of warm-blooded animals. That’s…

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