Hints from Heloise, Friday, June 9 | Zoology

DEAR HELOISE: Every time I vacuumed, my dog would get on the bed and bark nonstop until I was done. My vet said it was due to the noise, which might hurt the dog’s ears. I switched to a robotic vacuum, and my dog no longer barks, as the robotic vacuum makes much less noise. For anyone with a dog or cat who hates the vacuum, this might be the solution. — AnnMarie D., Provo, Utah

AnnMarie, I use a robotic vacuum, too, and my dogs barely notice that the floors are being vacuumed. — Heloise

DEAR HELOISE: As an airline employee, here are a few suggestions to avoid hassles on a flight, whether it be long or short:

  • Please follow the instructions issued by the crew. If you’re told to turn off your cellphone or buckle your seat belt, do…

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