Jean McClelland: Billiards offers many historic avenues for collectors | Features/Entertainment

Billiards is a game that has been around since the 15th century. Many thought it was just a pastime for the aristocracy, but it knew no class or gender structure. The difference in their games was the quality of the game pieces. The wealthy probably retained their own billiard table, and the peasant more than likely shared one at a local pub.

The sport of billiards is thought to have evolved from the French game of croquet, and French kings were among early owners of billiard tables. One of the reasons for a green felt top on a billiard/pool table is to mimic the green grass of the croquet game.

Since the 1500s the game has diversified to include the British game of snooker and the American generic term “pool.” Pool is the common name Americans use in referring to all the billiard games….

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