Lawsuit seeks more freedom for wineries in frosty Minnesota

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Two Minnesota wineries sued the state Tuesday to try to overturn a law that requires them to make their products with a majority of grapes grown in Minnesota, a state that’s better known for its winters than vineyards.

The wineries say the state Farm Wineries Act, which dates from 1980, unconstitutionally hampers their ability to source grapes and juice from elsewhere and use as much of them in their wines as they see fit.

“As a winemaker I want the freedom to make the wines that I choose,” Nan Bailly, owner of one of Minnesota’s oldest wineries, Alexis Bailly Vineyard, of Hastings, said at a news conference.

The other plaintiff is the Next Chapter Winery, of New Prague, owned by Timothy Tulloch. He pointed out that Minnesota vineyards only have 150 days of frost-free weather, compared with 320 for California. He…

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