Lucid Pianos in Collaboration with Blüthner Pianoforte Announces a New Line of Translucid Pianos

Modern technology, premium materials, supervised manufacturing and final quality inspection by German Master craftsmen guarantees a long lasting experience of unrivalled musical excitement. Fully transparent key lid, main lid, music stand, legs and lyre add additional magic to an already enchanted instrument.

IRMLER Grand Piano is a Blüthner trademark and carries a Blüthner warrantee.

The IRMLER Translucid premium Grade Designers Grand Piano is fully customizable:

The Cast Iron Frame, Soundboard and the Casing or outer rim of the Irmler Translucid are all customizable

in different finishes.

Available finisheds are High Polished Polyester Black or White, Walnut and Mahogany Veneer, or

to any color found in the “Ral Color” chart is…

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