MLB’s New Post-Steroid Era Home Run Explosion Is Officially Here to Stay

Mike Stobe/Getty Images

There eventually will come a day when Major League Baseball hitters stop hitting home runs in bunches.

But it is not this day. And probably not tomorrow. Or the day after that. And so on.

It was no secret coming into 2017 that home runs had been on the rise. The only question was whether pitchers would find a way to fight back.

So far? Nah. Very, very nah.

As recently as 2014, home runs were few and far between at 0.86 per game. Thanks to a second-half push of 1.09 per game, that number rose to 1.01 in 2015. And then to 1.16 per game in 2016, a mark topped only by the 1.17 per game in 2000, the height of the so-called “Steroid Era.”

So far, 2017 is making even 2000 look like child’s play. The average is at 1.24 home runs per game and going up. After slamming 1.17 homers per game in April, hitters slammed 1.26 homers per game in May and are up to 1.33 per game so…

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