Nanachi’s Story to Be Revealed in Next Episode?

Tokyo MX Official SiteKey visual art for the Japanese fantasy anime series, “Made in Abyss.”

Riko and Reg very quickly fell into the dangers of the Goblet of Giants, and they might not have managed to survive if not for a mysterious being stepping in to lend them a helping hand. Who is Nanachi and what role will she play in the continuing adventures of Riko and Reg on the next episode of the Japanese anime series, “Made in Abyss”?

Just as soon as the duo reached the fourth level of the Abyss, also known as the Goblet of Giants, an orbed-splitter attacked them and managed to pierce Riko through the hand with its poisonous spine. In a panic, Reg escaped with Riko by running upwards, which in turn caused Riko to bleed from every orifice — a condition brought about by the Fourth Layer’s Curse.

While suffering from a bout of hallucinations, Riko told Reg to cut her infected arm off…

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