People Are Angry After This Radio Host Asked A Guest If She “Was Yellow” And “What The Deal Was” With Asians

Former pop star Symons, 68, hosts ABC Radio Melbourne’s breakfast show and was interviewing Wang on June 7 about her new podcast, It’s Not A Race, when he claimed that he had had a very similar podcast idea – but that his was called “What’s the deal with Asians?”

“What is the deal with Asians?” Symons went on to ask Wang in the audio, which aired on June 12. “Are they all the same?”

Wang countered Symons by asking him to elaborate: “Let’s tackle that, what’s the deal with Asians, Red?”

“No, I ask the questions,” he replied.

“First question is, are they all the same?” asked Symons, before joining Wang in a chorus of “noooo of course not.”

The ABC has deleted links to the segment, however many were still able to listen to it on Thursday night and early on Friday morning. You can also listen to a short podcast Wang uploaded…

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