Sangay Tsheltrium and Damcho Zam wins Bodybuilding Championship – KuenselOnline

Sangay Tsheltrium, 34, and Damcho Zam, 32, won the titles of Mr and Ms Bhutan 2017 at the ninth National Bodybuilding Championship, which was held on June 10 at the Lugar theatre in Thimphu.

Sangay Tsheltrim, who weighed the most at 96kgs, beat 12 others to take home the gold while Damcho Zam, who had participated in several international competitions, was declared Miss Fitness Bhutan 2017.

Of the 16 contestants in the championship this year, three were women. Most contestants were new faces.

Tandin Wangchen, the former two-time champion stood second. Rinchen Tashi, Sonam Tobgay and Kinley Penjor were the other top five contestants of the competition.

Mr Bhutan Sangay Tsheltrium said that for those pursuing bodybuilding and fitness sports, it should not just be a profession but passion.

He encourages youth to take up the sport as it promotes good health and happy…

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