Should you toss the food or eat it?

“I bet it was UHT milk,” I replied. “That means it is ultra-high-temperature pasteurized. UHT milk is sterile. It lasts a long time and doesn’t require refrigeration.

“Check that the label says ‘UHT’ to be sure, but it should be fine to drink,” I added.

UHT milk is heated to 275 F for one or two seconds, and the high temperature kills bacteria and any spores (inactive forms of bacteria). Some people may detect a slight change in the flavor due to the heating process.

Combined with “aseptic packaging,” the UHT heating technology also is used to extend the shelf life for many other products such as fruit juice. “Aseptic” means the packaging technique is free from contamination.

The thousands of fresh, frozen, canned and dried foods in grocery stores are made possible through the advances in science.

Do you ever throw out food? Are the dates and other terminology on packages sometimes…

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