This Adorable Kid Zoologist Is Going To Make You Want To Save The Earth

You ready for some knowledge? 

Best get out your notebook, cause Aiden the Zoologist is here to drop some facts.

Picking up where the Crocodile Hunter left off, Aiden takes a what starts off as a quick lesson on lichen and a tree and expands it to a master class on everything living in the tree’s ecosystem.

In seven minutes, Aiden teaches us about ants, snails, the food chain, woodpeckers, 300-year-old animals and oh yeah, trees. 

Now, you might be saying, “I don’t care about no trees!”

You ever see someone so passionate about something that their passion rubs off on you, and you find yourself suddenly interest in something you could’ve cared less about before you met them.

That’s Aiden.

This young man loves nature. He loves biology. He loves zoology. And he’ll make you love it, too. 

He’ll break it down so you can understand everything.

He’ll charm you with his youthful…

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