Why science has not buried God

Ravi Zacharias

Stanely Mushava Literature Today
Kendrick Lamar threatens to gather world religions into one church service and rap logic into their heads but Ravi Zacharias has already beaten him to it. The highly regarded Christian philosopher’s defining opus, “Jesus Among Other Gods”, parsed the pantheon of world religions for intellectual certitude. In “Jesus Among Secular Gods”, which dropped in January this year, Zacharias and Vince Vitale test the counter-cultural claims of Christianity against secular ideologies.

The Christian apologists carry on a bare-knuckle showdown with secular worldviews, principally atheism, scientism, humanism, pluralism and hedonism in eight chapters.

This book comes at a time religion is in decline in the global north, wrapped in the flames of individualism and materialism, while the polemical assault on God inaugurated by Richard Dawkins a…

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