Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro vs PC: WIRED Explains 4K gaming

Now we have the Xbox One X, unveiled at E3 2017, and the PS4 Pro, this really is the era of 4K gaming. PC gamers might argue it started in 2013 when the first 4K monitors arrived. But only now do we have the graphics hardware to play high-end games without stripping down detail levels so far a 2016 game ends up looking like one from 1999.

However, 4K gaming raises more questions than most tech-buying decisions. Questions like, “Will I have to remortgage my flat?”; “Will I even notice the difference?”; and “Are there more than three games I can play at 4K, anyway?”

Don’t worry, WIRED has the answers.

The cost of 4K gaming

So, 4K gaming, eh? I’m not sure my bank account is ready for this

It’s true: a 4K-capable gaming PC will cost you well over a £1,000 unless you spend weeks’ worth of evenings scouring bargain forums for cut-price…

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